Custom Patch Bay

Configure your built-to-order patchbay! 


Select the total amount of connections for the patch bay you need.

Use the 'add a note' feature in the checkout to specify:

- Which connections? (XLR, Jack, Ethernet/RJ45, USB, True1 power)

- Which cables for internal rack connection + minimum required length? XLR: male or female output? Jack: mono or stereo cable? 



- How do I know if I need a male or female connection for the patch bay?

Choose the same connection as your device which the patch bay will be connected to.

(Example: Axe FX XLR output: male - standard XLR cable - Patch bay XLR male)


- How do the power outlets work?

The '4 internal power outlets' option lets you connect up to 4 devices in your rack to the mains power, with 1 cable that plugs into the patch bay. Select whether you want no power connection, the 4 outlet option, or the outlet option + a 5m Neutrik True1 cable to connect to the mains power.


- What if I need (a lot) more than 8 connections?

Send us a message and we'll hook you up!


Custom Patch Bay