DUO EXP for Fractal FM3/9, FC6/12

Instruction & setup video


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Our DUO EXP features 2 oversized knobs for easy foot adjustments, and a linear taper for a smooth range. Enjoy the flexibility of having 2 expression knobs in a compact and stylish package! You can assign the knobs to any function you like, just as you would with regular expression pedals. Some useful ideas: reverb mix, delay mix, volume, gain, modulation speed, etc...


These connect with 2 TRS (stereo) jacks. 

Don't have TRS cables, or would you like a custom length?

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Height and length: Same as FM/FC without rubbers

Width: 5,5 cm


Note: with the FM3/9, we recommend a small gap between the DUO EXP and the side vents for optimal air flow. This is not necessary with the FC6/12.


We ship worldwide! Use the code "FREESHIPPING" for orders over 100€.

DUO EXP for Fractal FM3/9, FC6/12

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